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From assessment to certification, here are some relevant tools, selected and commented by the partners.

How to organize a mobility with a certification aim, i.e. with a recognition of learning outcomes?

Our recommendations are not intended to include all the detailed advice on how to organize a learning mobility. Many tools and checklists already exist.

In the “organization tips” page you will find some elements that have proved to be essential for the partners in observing the organization of the test mobilities and from the point of view of mobility for certification purposes and the involvement of companies. The partners have identified together some key elements: before – during – after the mobility to allow the recognition of learning outcomes.

A “decision support” tool completes this section. Three types of approach are possible: declare / document, evaluate or certify the learning outcomes of mobility .

The methodology of the European "credit" systems

Projects can be inspired by the methodological framework of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET). This system was designed to facilitate the transparency and comparability of qualifications and vocational training between different countries and to facilitate transnational recognition after a learning mobility. Several concepts and tools have been tested, including the learning outcomes approach, which promotes a common understanding of certifications.

Requirements for the implementation of ECVET (

The tools


Inform the sending company

as soon as possible, ideally when the apprenticeship contract is signed, or when the training schedule is published, that a period of mobility is planned in the training program.

Europass mobility

identifies different types of possible competencies and this can help to inform the educational agreement as well. Think of formalizing objectives as precisely as possible, measurable and especially realistic.

A tutor in the host company must be appointed.

Even if the different headings of the Europass mobility document provide a framework for the tutor to document the work placement period, it is advisable to check with the tutor if he/she needs to be accompanied to fill in the document. Depending on the duration of the mobility, a regular follow-up during the internship by the tutor to review the situation with the student is recommended before a final debriefing.

Provide feedback

debrief with the sending employer. Beyond the evaluation aspect, the document, filled out with care, can be useful to give feedback to the sending company.

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